Pham Xuan Tiep the Web Designer for AdSense approval

Pham Xuan Tiep

Pham Xuan Tiep is a Vietnamese front-end engineer, web designer who focuses on the eligible to approval Google AdSense. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics Banking from Dong Nam College of Technology and Economics. In addition to being a founder of the Vietnamese startup Tiep Ltd, he has worked for Rapidshare, Megaupload, and FileSonic in the past and is an Chatter Social and Designer for Gushop. Tiep is working on approval AdSense for many customers.

You can buy Tiep’s approved ‘Original Adsense UK Approved with Domain’ on several group about adsense and find more of his online approved portfolio on his Facebook account.

To get to know more about Tiep and his work on standards and web development for adsense approval, be sure to visit his website and follow his on Facebook. Also, if you have an opportunity to see his speak in person, definitely jump on it. His list of past and future events can be found on his Facebook account which also link to portfolio of his previous approved adsense showcase.

Follow Tiep: Website

Pham Xuan Tiep the Web Designer for AdSense approval

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